Cross Borders with Migrant ID

решаем проблемы
за 25 минут

Решаем 80% стандартных проблем онлайн за 25 минут

богатый опыт
решения задач

За всё время мы решали самые разные технические проблемы

12 лет
на рынке

Предлагаем качественные услуги в IT-сфере уже 12 лет


Поможем вам в любое время, работаем круглосуточно

The project was developed by the International Migrant Advocacy Bureau.

Migrant ID is an international program founded on the principles of UN conventions and the belief in the right of every person to be in demand, regardless of borders. The program ensures safety, compliance with all migration requirements, and direct employment abroad. Job invitations are issued by the employer at their expense.

Your future in a new country begins with choosing a legal path of migration.

Protecting Your Rights at Every Step

Official employment directly with the employer

Protection against fraud

Decent working and rest conditions

Work and living in developed countries.

Medical insurance

Salary paid to a bank card

Your Employers: A Global Partnership

Your Employers: England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, the USA, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia.


Rebar Worker, Bartender, Driller, Bus Driver, Truck Driver, Car Driver, Special Equipment Driver (tractor, loader, etc.), Electroplater, Miner, Loader, Meat Plant Worker, Insulator, Bricklayer, Order Picker, Confectioner, Roofer, Foundry Worker, Painter-Plasterer, Nail Technician, Shoe Repair Specialist, Crane Operator, Mechanic, Dishwasher, Ventilation System Installer, Installer, Water Treatment Plant Operator, Laser Equipment Operator, Printing Equipment Operator, Milling Machine Operator, Plastic Processing Operator, Packaging Operator, Press Equipment Operator, Production Line Operator, Machine Operator, Drying Equipment Operator, Chemical Production Operator, Waiter, Hairdresser, Shepherd, Baker, Carpenter, Chef, Chef's Assistant, Doorman or Concierge, Auto Factory Worker, Cannery Worker, Logging Worker, Cosmetics Production Worker, Bakery Worker, Food Production Worker, Cable Production Worker, Zoo Animal Caretaker, Poultry Farm Worker, Warehouse Worker, Tobacco Production Worker, Textile Production Worker, Greenhouse Worker, Livestock Farm Worker, Dairy Plant Worker, Leather and Fur Production Worker, Footwear Production Worker, Construction Worker, Glass or Ceramic Production Worker, Asphalt Layer, Gardener or Park Worker, Household Appliance Assembler, Toy Assembler, Furniture Assembler, Watch Assembler, Electronics Assembler, Welder, Mechanical Locksmith, Joiner, Lathe Operator, Tractor Driver, Pipefitter, Cleaning Staff, Harvest Cleaner, Packer, Bread Slicer, Grinder, Electrician, Welding Technician, and others...

How to Join Migrant ID

Apply for participation in the international program

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